Something Is Wrong

I don’t know how else to say this, but something is wrong. No, it’s not with me (at least not yet) and it’s not with the church. Something’s wrong with my little baby girl – Hannah. While I certainly appreciate being able to work from home rather than having to go to an office, there are also some challenges that are associated with this setup. Namely, the potential for constant interruptions. Like today.

Hannah has been having “issues” lately and we don’t know why. She’s been fussy, crabby, crying, screaming and otherwise a real pill to be around unless we’re shoving food in her face, holding her or taking her out for a walk. She’s been to the doctor and checks out ok. She’s just being irritable. I guess this is just one of those times where parents (me in particular) just don’t “like” their kids, because I’m not wanting to even be around her or hear her or deal with her.

Does that make me a bad dad or am I just one of the stupid ones who’s willing to admit that I don’t always like my “cute little kids”? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Something is wrong with her, I can’t fix it and it’s driving me crazy (not to mention my wife).

I’d be open to any suggestions on how to handle this or cope with this. I should have it down by the fifth kid, but I don’t. Help, Lora and I need a break from the noise.


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