Somebody Doesn’t Like "us"

After recognizing last week as being a spiritual battle, I went to bed only to wake up and drive to the school to set up for Sunday services and be greeted by kindergarten quality art work on our signs. On top of it being poor quality, the content was terrible – apparently, somebody doesn’t like “us.”

The sad thing is, I can totally understand why someone might not like “us.” When I say “us” I’m referring to the collective group of people who identify themselves as Christians, not just those who attend Discovery. You see, Christians can be bad for the church.

Jesus didn’t come to make us Christians, he came to make us disciples, people who learn from and follow Christ. Just read through Acts (particularly 11:26) The early believers were disciples before they were ever called “Christian” yet today, a lot of people who call themselves “Christian” don’t come close to following Christ the way a true disciple would, should or could. But hey, at least they’re “Christian” right?

That’s why I can understand someone spray painting our sign. They may have run into a few so-called Christians who just ticked them off and left them with a bad taste. Of course there’s also the possibility that our ‘painters’ are some goofball juvenille delinquents too. Either way, this all just said to me that the work we’re doing matters. There’s people out here in our own back yard who have no idea of the transforming power of Jesus Christ – if we have our way, sooner or later they’ll experience it for themselves. Until then, it’s back to the battle.

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