So Encouraged

Just a few minutes ago I got the report summary of this week’s prayer requests that were turned in. I’m so excited that people are sharing their needs, burdens and cares for other people and at the same time I hurt. I hurt for some of the stuff people are going through and am more determined than ever to help them find a way to plug in so they’ll have an “outlet” and won’t have to feel like they’re going through life alone. Here’s just a small sampling of what people wrote down for this week only

  • Pray as my wife and I seek a better solution to our financial needs
  • Please pray for our marriage
  • Friend’s family, the mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer
  • Pray for me right now, because I’m going thru “hell”
  • Pray for my kids. They need prayer right now.
  • Pray for a part time job to come along
  • Friend in a car accident and person they seriously injured
  • CF patient who needs double lung transplant
  • [Someone] struggling with depression

The best part is that I know the God of the universe. He has a relationship with me and so many others and we have the privilege of going right to him with these concerns. He cares. Does that mean everything will turn out just the way WE want it? No. Does it mean that things will turn out just the way that HE wants it? Again, no. Here’s the deal though, God wants to hear about our needs, wants, desires, hopes, problems, hurts, hangups and anything else we want to talk to him about. And he wants us to hear him and know that he cares. He cares about us. He cares about you. He cares about the people who turned in these requests. So let’s pray in faith together and see if we can’t move some mountains.

If anyone else has anything they’d like us to pray for, send an email to and we’ll add it to our ever-growing list.

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