Sick, Just Sick

I spent the better part of the middle of the night making trips back and forth between my bedroom and my daughters. Why? Because they were up I guess. The crying one woke the talking one and the talking one turned into the whiney one when I took the crying one into my room to try and comfort her. Get all that?

I won’t bore you with details except to say that Hannah’s seemed sick for almost three weeks but the doctor’s have been saying she’s fine. Even so, Lora had them work her in today and she just called to say that she’s heading home with a nebulizer and picking up medicine for Hannah AND Sarah because it seems they both have walking-pneumonia. Wow! I feel like a great parent.

EDIT: I guess they don’t have anything but a wheezing sound and the doctor wants to make sure it doesn’t turn into pneumonia or something else

I guess it’ll be just the boys and I heading down to Fayetteville for “family time” since Lora needs to be back to see the doctor on Friday and the girls need stinkin’ breathing treatments every 4 hours.

Welcome to my world. I really do love my kids though and I love being a parent. Heck, I woke up yesterday to Hannah crapping in her diaper (good) and it overflowing all over in her pink footy pajamas (bad) and all I could do was smile (and hold my breath). That’s love. That and cleaning up your kid that just poo pooed all over in their pajamas. Anybody want to babysit so Lora and I can go out for a quiet meal – ALONE!?


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