Should This Make Me Laugh?

When my wife and I lived at Andrews AFB outside of Washington, DC, I became much more tuned in and interested in what’s going on in politics (pretty much didn’t have a choice honestly).  All these years later, I’ve still got some pretty strong opinions.  So, when I saw this article out of FL complete with the picture above, I laughed.

I laughed for a few reasons.  This is the supposed healthcare reform that “the majority of Americans support”?  Oh, I see.  This is done by a doctor – the “majority of whom indicate support for healthcare reform”?  Right, forgot about that.  And then of course, I’ve got a bit of “rebel” in me and this is a legal and entertaining way to express disapproval.  I like that.

But I wonder, should this make me laugh?  After all, healthcare reform is not the beginning of the end times and despite what some people think or say, Obama isn’t the anti-Christ.  And, there are honestly more important issues than people’s physical health and how to pay for it.  As a pastor, I’d say someone’s spiritual health is more important.

So, laugh or not, today is Good Friday.  Good, not because Christ was crucified, but Good because of what was accomplished by His death – spiritual health reform.  No longer would people seeking righteousness be turned away because of pre-existing sin conditions.  Nope, because of Christ’s death (and subsequent resurrection on Sunday) all who desire life can find it, have it, and keep it.  I don’t laugh at that.

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