Serving Others

I just got back from helping with the ECU move-in (along with about 20+ other Discovery Church people) and I just wanted to brag and thank them. In addition, REimage church was there with probably 30+, as was the Campus Christian Fellowship group and our relief came from Integrity Church. I’m sure there were other churches there, but today I have to say, I was proud to be part of the Body of Christ. We worked and we worked together to serve students and parents.

And isn’t that part of what the church should be doing? Shouldn’t we be out serving others? Helping them when they need it and taking opportunities (if/when they present themselves) to begin building relationships and pointing people to Christ (and to a Christ centered church). Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve. For those that came out today to sweat and work and serve others….thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus on a campus where plenty of people need to see Him.

And for all those who didn’t make it out, I hope you served someone today too. Maybe it wasn’t by hauling 100 pound pieces of luggage, but if you found a way to meet a need – you’re on the right track. Serving is an individual responsibility, but often a joint effort. Discovery can do more for this community when we work together so one more time….Thanks for helping out today.

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