Second Saturday Service

It’s a beautiful day today…a little chilly, but beautiful blue skies. About twenty of us hit the parking lots at Colonial Mall and in front of Toys R Us to hand out free hot chocolate and candy canes to people. Great day for hot chocolate since it was in the 20’s when we started and only 34 my early afternoon (as you can see)

I’m still suprised when people turn down free stuff. We’re just out there trying to be nice and people are so suspicious these days…dome tried to give us “donations” and others asked “how much?” even after we just said, “How about some free hot chocolate?” The great thing today was we actually had a mall manager and the Toys R Us manager stop by, ask what we were doing, and then compliment us. We didn’t secure permission ahead of time so we figured we’d just give until we were asked to leave and then we’d go somewhere else. That didn’t happen though.

After a couple of hours in the cold we went over to the Brody School of Medicine and dropped off some lunch stuff (sandwich meat, chips, fruit, and of course, hot chocolate) for all the medical students who were studying for final exams. We’ve had some med students attending Discovery and it was their idea – we’re happy to bless anyone we can.

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