Second Saturday Service

This Saturday is Second Saturday Service. We don’t normally tell people what it is we’re doing to serve, but we did let the cat out of the bag early for this one. It’s another fun one to do, family friendly, helpful, and generates some pretty fun responses from people. It’s our $1 car wash.

Now what makes it fun is that we have signs telling people that we’re doing a $1 car wash, and then once we’ve washed and dried they’re vehicle, while they think we’re coming for the dollar, we GIVE them a dollar. People always look at us funny, in some state of disbelief or “what’s the catch” and often try to give it back. We’ve had people get out and sing or perform for us, pray for us, thank us, and remember this particular project months later.

So come on out and bring your buckets, sponges, towels, soap, hoses, squeegees, sprayers or whatever else you feel like using – including $1 bills! Meet us at the Boys and Girls Club parking lot at 9:30AM and plan on eating lunch with us at noon. We’ll see you Saturday.


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