Second Saturday Service

In just a little while, we’ll be meeting for our Second Saturday Service. This is a regularly scheduled event that happens….hold on now….the 2nd Saturday of each month. Today since it’s been pretty warm out lately, we’ve got hundreds of icee pops. Those little popsicles in a plastic sleeve. We’ll hit the ball fields, parks and construction sites and just hand ’em out with a simple “Here ya go.” When people do ask “Why?”, which always happens because people are very suspicious of anything they get for free, we’ll just tell them we’re trying to show God’s love in a practicle way, no strings attached.

People who come out to this for the first time are a little scared to begin with, but once they get the hang of it, most of them are hooked. It’s so simple and it’s action behind the words…it’s a tangible expression of God’s love.

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