Season For Fighting?

Get to speak out at Barton College over in Wilson tonight at their Campus Crusade meeting. Jonathan and Nicole Combs head that up and helped us start Discovery. Jonathan played and sang and made us laugh and Nicole did a great job helping us setup and run the nursery…all “back in the day“. They moved to Wilson which is about 40 minutes from here and help out at Jonathan’s dad’s church – Wilson Community Church. But enough about them…

Let me just ask for prayer. Even though it might seem like this time of year should be the best (and it often is) it’s also very much a battle. I see it at church, at home and in my personal life. There’s a lot of talk about Jesus during this season. People are open to discussing him and considering faith and all that, and it’s a good thing. But someone doesn’t like it and that’s Satan, and there seem to be some serious spiritual struggles going on because of it.

Every night during Advent (weeks before Christmas) our family reads a story. We’re only 4 days in and every night we’ve been interrupted by kids, phones, attitudes or something to turn our attention away. We’re planning our very first Christmas eve service and while I’m excited, I feel like we’re behind on the details and my attitude toward the whole thing sometimes seems ready to sour.

But when I think about what’s going on, I don’t get discouraged, I get energized. I realize that I’m in a battle. A battle for the hearts of my kids and for the hearts of our church and this community. Of course there’s going to be opposition. I don’t like it, but it makes sense. And I can honestly say that I’ll take this kind of opposition instead of what some believers in other parts of the world must overcome.

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