That’s my little girl Sarah. Yesterday she threw up on me, today she scared me.

My wife was getting ready to go teach a class and thought Sarah was outside with her brothers waiting to go. She asked the boys where Sarah was and they told her she was in the shed. Well, she wasn’t. I got called outside to help look for Sarah. Now, you’ve got to understand that we have acres of thick woods behind our house, a shallow creek running beside it, and a missing 2 year old. After 5 minutes of looking all over and yelling and searching, we still hadn’t found her. My pregnant wife tripped over some roots out in the woods and fell on her pregnant belly and scraped herself up, and we still have no idea where Sarah is.

I walked to the road and started walking down it to look in neighbors yards and what do I see? My two year old daughter walking with my neighbor from 5 houses down! In moments, my two year old had wandered that far away from home, and that far away from safety. If my neighbor hadn’t been looking out her window, there’s no telling where she might have ended up or what might have happened to her. Thank God we’ll never know.

So I get to babysit while my frightened, moments from hysterical wife goes off to teach a class. If this is what it’s like now when they’re little, what will happen if my kids grow up and wander away from “home”? How many of us have simply gotten too far away from the safety of our home and wind up lost? I know people who are lost and it’s no different than doing what my neighbor did. I need to take action. Recognize the danger and do something about it. I think I’ll do that when Sarah wakes up. I’ve got someone I need to talk to.

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