Seven years ago now, I remember pulling into the parking lot for a staff meeting at the church where I was working. It was almost 9AM and I heard on the radio a report of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. An hour later, as more news came and the grim reality of what had happened started to sink in, I thought about my brother and his wife who worked in Manhattan and often went through there. I tried calling but couldn’t get through. He ended up being ok and his wife ended up not going to the meeting she had scheduled there.

When I finally saw the footage – the crash, the collapse, the Pentagon, Shanksville, the people – I remember how I felt. I felt anger, powerless, hopeful and committed all at the same time. Angry that anyone would even consider something like this, powerless to do anything from hundreds of miles away, hopeful in the fact that despite what I was watching, God was not surprised and committed to my family and ministry. I hugged my wife and kids and we prayed for the people there and the ones left behind.

Three thousand people lost their lives – people from 90 different countries – moms, dads, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. The nation came together and for a while we were friends. Some things have changed since then, but one thing still hasn’t. There are still people, radicals, who want to see us dead and defeated. Call it what you want, but from where I stand, I see Satan involved. Not just in war with bullets and bombs, but in the war of words and empty philosophies and worldviews.

On September 11th, we saw a picture of how strong the enemy’s hate is for us – and we came together, as a country and many as Christians, to stand up, pray and fight. The war against evil is still being waged. Remember. Keep praying. Keep fighting.

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