Really Officer?

So I’m on my way back from getting some stuff out of the outdoor trailer at the Boys and Girls Club because we can’t set up until 9:00 tonight since there’s a basketball tourney. Anyhow, I was just cruising along and not paying attention when I notice a police car coming the other direction turning on its lights. It makes a U-turn in the road so I slide to the side so he can pass, but….he doesn’t. He pulls in right behind me. [Claude happened to be following me and made a few passes and took pictures – how sweet]

He asked me if I knew why he was pulling me over and I honestly didn’t so I said no. He told me I was going 61 in a 45. That kinda surprised me and it must have showed since he asked if I knew that and all I could say was I just wasn’t paying attention. Again, honesty ends up being the best policy though. I hope Claude got a good laugh out of it. All I got was a warning.

I didn’t tell the officer I was a pastor, but if he was paying attention he may have figured out I at least go to Discovery Church. Look on the warning and you can see that my license plate is “DSCOVERY”


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