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First blog entry and first thought I’d like to share is about something that I care deeply about – my family. My wife and I were just talking this morning about how hard it is to be a parent and how little encouragement we sometimes get. There are days where it seems like all you do is correct or punish your kids and it starts to feel like you’re not accomplishing anything because you’ve “told them a million times already”

Well, yesterday Lora got some encouragement. A lady who helps teach Tanner in AWANA was braggin on him saying that of all the ADD kids in her class, he was the ONLY one who controlled himself and was so polite. Now, you have to understand why that’s significant.

Until a couple years ago, Tanner was very impulsive and often downright nasty. He was constantly in trouble for his behavior and his words. There was constant strife and tension. He had no self control. If he did one thing wrong, correcting him would lead to frustration and his frustration gave him the ‘opportunity’ to do something else wrong and it just snowballed. Then he truly had an experience where he began a personal relationship with Jesu. We wondered about it since he was only 5, but the change was obvious, although only when you’d step back and look.

So back to yesterday. It was one of those days where he was really just being a pill. He was complaining about all kinds of things and bugging his little bro. But the day ended with an unsolicited compliment about his “heart”.

Made me reflect on my heart. My heart is for my kids. It’s for my wife. It’s for Jesus. And even though I’m sometimes a pill because of my behavior or words, there’s somebody who knows me and can honestly compliment my “heart”. What an encouragement

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