Rather Be

Perhaps I sound like I’m complaining lately (and maybe I am) but I’m looking out the window, seeing the sun, knowing that I’d enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors but also knowing that I’ve got to get some things done first. All I know is that I’ll be done with as much as I’m going to do in a few hours. After that, I’ve got a short video shoot and then I’m finished and am taking my family camping. We’re going to enjoy the great outdoors and some much needed family time.

Even though I have camping to look forward to, right now I’d still rather be outside playing.

We all need to take a break, escape and get away from our work. We need to make it a point to invest focused and undivided time with our families. I know for a fact that I need to do that with my wife more – we’ve gotten off schedule and out of habit and I can tell it’s effecting us. So, do what you have to do and then leave – and take your wife or family with you.

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