Random Thoughts

Just needed to get a bunch of random thoughts out of my head and into yours!

  • The holidays aren’t over yet! Even though my in-laws just left this morning, I’ve got to pick up a friend at the airport in a little over an hour, some other friends from Florida just arrived last night, and more friends from Knoxville will be here later today. ‘Tis the season
  • Jerry Coyle brought his karaoke stuff over on New Years Eve and left it here. I’m having a little bit too much fun with it.
  • My in-laws bought the kids (family) a Wii for Christmas. I’m having a little bit too much fun with that too.
  • Dang it’s cold out this morning. Ice on all the water I saw and the wind makes it worse.
  • My desk is a mess (but that’s normal I guess).
  • It’s 2008! This year is going to be incredible.
  • I love having 5 kids. Never a dull moment.
  • About 3AM on New Years night (or day I guess) Davey and Janelle were still here and helped me catch a stinkin’ mouse in my house! I’ll post about that later (with pictures!)
  • Lora wasn’t happy that we were tearing the house up hunting for a mouse at 3AM.
  • Chandler slept through it – and we were in his room!!!
  • I don’t really play video games, but I’ve already made it through ever level in one of the shooter games. Wiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Revised giving numbers for 12/30 were almost double what we normally receive.
  • I’m stoked about our next series – iLife starting
  • Got some noise-cancelling headphones for Christmas. I’m gonna be loving that with my iPod
  • Lora’s birthday was yesterday. I goofed. I guess when she said she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday Jan 1st it DIDN’T mean not celebrate, it just meant no gifts. Oooh, that darned miscommunication.
  • Hurting people are coming to Discovery and looking for and finding help. That’s cool.
  • It’s been a really weird schedule the past couple weeks – lots of odd hours for getting stuff done.
  • It was really cool to look over the whole past year at Discovery on Sunday. It seems like some of our teaching really did stick since people remembered some of it months later.
  • I don’t like reheated pizza rolls, but I’ll eat ’em if I’m hungry
  • I haven’t blogged much the past two weeks
  • My house is doing pretty well for all the people that have been in it and through it over the holidays
  • I’m chilled and that’s not good. It takes me a while to warm up when I get chilled. Wish I didn’t have to go outside again.

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