Rain, Rain Go Away

When I went to bed last night, a strong line of thunderstorms was headed right this way. We set a big 20×40 tent up out in the yard and I was a little worried it would bite the dust if the wind blew since we put it up ourselves and I have no real idea how it’s supposed to be put together. Woke up numerous times all night, heard the rain, and the wind, but refused to get out of bed until morning. So when 6:30 rolls around and I wake up I still refuse to get up, choosing instead to pray something of a nursery rhyme prayer like “rain, rain, go away

God answers prayer. Finally got up around 7, checked the tent and the weather, and the rain looks to have come through (almost 2 inches overnight) and the tent is still up. It’s a little damp out, but should be a great day. Still don’t know what (or who) to expect, but be praying that we can meet some new people and offer some joy, hope and peace (along with a burger or dog). Everybody needs friends and people they can count on. Glad I’ve got a God who cares for me personally.

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  1. Jim and Shanna September 16, 2007

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