Prayer and Thankfulness

This is Jonah Williams – a baby I’ve never met, with parents (Matt & Patrice) that I’ve never met, who could certainly use more prayers from other people they’ve never met.  Why?

Well Jonah was born with a serious and rare skin disorder (called EB) that 
is life threatening.  The skin is easily damaged and breaks and falls off. The parents had another child (Gabe) who was stillborn and may have had the same disorder.  They are a young couple that is doing their best to trust God in some of the most difficult circumstances.

On Sunday after church we had a meeting with some guys who are helping us establish elders here at Discovery and when going through prayer requests – Matt and Patrice and
 their baby came up.  Then today, I get an email about them from a completely different source.  I’ve read some of the updates at their blog (I’d encourage you to as well) and I can’t help but think that I can help – because I can pray.

The other thing is something I don’t understand.  Why has God blessed me the way He has?  Why do Lora and I have 5 healthy children?  We’re not any better.  We didn’t do anything to deserve it.  It just doesn’t seem fair or right.  But this is what is and I rejoice in my position and am thankful (even more so at the moment) for my kids, my family, my health – for life and for being loved by God.

So, please take a moment to pray for Jonah.  Pray for Matt and Patrice.  And take a moment to thank God for the undeserved blessings in your life.  Everyone can do that.

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