I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit of a political junky.  There are a couple of reasons for that: 1) I used to live at Andrews AFB right outside the Washington, DC beltway. 2) I care about my country and like to know what’s going on and 3) I enjoy debate along with the passionate arguments that often come with it – it challenges me.  Some would say that as a pastor, I should stay out of politics.  Others point out that our hope is not in a party or political system – it’s in Jesus Christ.  Believe it or not, I agree with both statements.

Pastors should stay out of politics.  But I’m not just a pastor.  I’m a husband, a father and a citizen of this country.  As a citizen, I not only have the right to be involved, I believe I also have a responsibility.  As a pastor, I am responsible specifically for those under my care and I’m responsible to God Himself.  I must deal in the truths revealed in Scripture, and teach with them, rebuke with them, correct with them and train people with them (2 Timothy 3:16).  There will be unavoidable overlap because Scripture speaks to current events.  But my pastoral goal is guide people to think and act (politically or otherwise) according to biblical principles.

Our hope is not in a political party or system, it’s in Jesus Christ.  But that doesn’t mean that people should ignore problems, dead-end ideas or injustice.  Our hope is not in ending hunger, but we shouldn’t ignore that it happens and causes problems.  Our hope won’t be fulfilled by ensuring the racial divide is closed, that modern-day slavery is ended, or that “the least among us” are not forgotten.  Our hope, the hope of Christ-following believers everywhere, does not change.  It’s in Jesus Christ and Him alone.  But that’s no excuse to ignore problems or otherwise remain uninvolved, uninformed and inactive.

So, when I share my opinions on here, they are my opinions.  They are informed by Scripture, and they may challenge, upset or encourage you.  Frankly, I don’t care what you think of my opinions.  Get your own.  Share them, explain them, support them.  Be respectful, be informed, be honest and direct.  I may not think much of our current President, Barak Obama, but I still pray for him and others who are in authority.  The more I find out about this so-called “health care reform” the less impressed I am.  On a more personal level, I think it’s absolutely stupid that I pay the same taxes, meet the same educational requirements, but my kids are not allowed to participate in the same EXTRA curricular activities as others who simply “do” their education at a school instead of at home.

Yes, politics and religion are two different things, but they cannot, should not and dare I say will not ever be completely separated.  It’s simply not possible.  So if you’re one of those “separation of church and state” drum beaters – you’ll just have to get used to the fact that myself and many others march to the beat of a different drum.


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