Planning Day

All day today, the Discovery Church staff (paid and unpaid) and a ministry partner, are in the middle of a planning retreat.  I’ve heard another leader call it a planning “advance” because he says the church isn’t called to retreat.  I agree with that statement in principle, but just think the name “Planning Advance” sounds stupid.  So we’re on a planning trip away from home and everything familiar.

So do me a favor.  We’ve done these before, and I really feel like God has honored the time and investment we’ve made in trying to get things figured out ahead of time.  We pray, we listen, we talk, we argue, we dream and then we decide.  There are going to be a million options of what we could do, kinda like the sign in the picture.  Each decision we make will lead somewhere.  So will you pray with us?  Will you pray for us?  Will you pray specifically for the following:

  1. Clarity.  Not clarity of thought, clarity of hearing….we want to hear from God where He’s leading us
  2. Focus.  It can be very easy to get distracted, and that’s usually a self-control issue.  What’s harder is when we lose focus because we’re frustrated that we’re still not clear on where God might be leading us
  3. Energy. As much as you might think that sitting down, talking, thinking, strategizing and dreaming isn’t exactly hard work, it can be exhausting.  We’ve got all the snacks and food, but we’ll still need energy.
  4. Attitudes.  Sometimes, people say things the wrong way.  Other times, people hear things the wrong way.  There’s miscommunication.  Feelings get hurt.  Just pray that our attitudes would be the same as that of Christ Jesus….(Philippians 2:5-11)  And not just with each other, but towards the city of Greenville and the people we serve
  5. Fun.  We sure don’t think that serving Jesus is a drag, and we don’t want the work of the ministry and planning for it to be a drag either.
  6. Our Families.  Each one of us is leaving people behind (yes, it’s only for a couple days, but our wives have enough to do already when we’re there!)  Pray for our kids, our wives, and for Brad who is getting married this weekend!  Talk about commitment – the dude is on this staff planning trip just days before his wedding and we can’t even pay him!!!
  7. Safety.  Get a few guys in a room alone and you never know what might happen – somebody throws a skittle and the next thing you know they’re wrestling on the floor.  Just don’t want anyone to get hurt (plus we’re driving)

That’s about it.  Be back later tomorrow. Thanks for partnering with us in prayer.

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