PARTner Party

You read it here first. We’re having our first annual PARTner Party on Saturday, October 27th. Only people who are PARTners at Discovery Church are invited. That means that they’ve been through our PARTnership class, signed our PARTnership agreement, and are PARTicipating in the life of the church.

For those that might be wondering, we have PARTners and not members because PARTners commit to doing ministry while members only commit to being there when they can. PARTners are depended on to help advance the cause. Members are only expected to pay their dues. Look at any gym, country club or even Netflix. They all have and want members, but couldn’t care less if the members use the available services as long as they’re paying their membership fee. We do, and that’s why we have PARTners.

So, if you’re a PARtner at Discovery, look for this in your mail box this week. If you don’t get one, make sure you get yourself to the next PARTnership Class and you’ll get invited next year. PARTnership has its privileges.

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