I love it when people use the wrong words because it’s funny to me. Tanner did it the other day when I told him if he continued acting the way he’d been acting, I wouldn’t let him play with his brothers. He later told Lora that he was being good because he didn’t want to be insulated (instead of isolated). And then Sarah had a cut (otherwise known as an “owie”) and was very forceful in her asking for a rubber band (when she meant band-aid)

Good Things
I’m still amazed that people have heard about Discovery Church. Sure, we sent out 25,000+ mailers a few times and serve out in the community, but it’s a big world, we’re a small, 3 month old, start-up church, and I frankly don’t know that many people. Anyway, we still run into people who have heard (good things even) about Discovery and are planning on making a visit soon. At least that’s what they tell me. On top of that, there are a lot of people who really are looking for a church – a place to belong. We are doing what we can to be that kind of place and not to wait for people to find us, but to go and find them.

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