Out For A Bit

The family and I are going camping!  Yep, 5 kids under 12 and my wife and I are off to ‘rough it’ in a tent.  Short trip, but should be fun.  That obviously means I won’t be posting anything for a couple days.

If you want to read a few other blogs and broaden your horizons, these will keep you busy.

  • Brad Christian – he’s working with lights and video and wrote a post that generated a lot of response.  Check it out HERE and be sure to read the comments section!
  • Gary Lamb – this guy is full throttle, pull no punches, doin a good thing in GA.  You’ll definitely want to read about how they had thousands upon thousands of people show up for their Easter egg hunt  and the fallout from that.  Check it out HERE and HERE with photos starting HERE
  • Perry Noble – common everyday guy who happens to love Jesus deeply and lead a church of nearly 10,000.  Try this one on for size – Click HERE
  • Seth Godin – lots of insights from a guy who just observes what happens around him, particularly in marketing and time management.  Click HERE for a fun one

That should keep you busy until I get back.  Now get outside and enjoy the weather – you shouldn’t be wasting your time reading this anyway!

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