Organized? Yeah, right.

My parents were here this weekend and left yesterday. Had a good time with them and they got to go to church with me and listen to me speak. We played some cards and other games, and they got to play with the kids…relaxing and fun. But now it’s back to work and I’ve been trying to get my life back in order.

Actually, I’ve been trying to get my PDA back in order. I used to use it a lot and then when I moved here and started working from home and wasn’t running all over the place as much, I found myself not using it like before…didn’t jot down tasks and notes, filed calendar dates in my head instead of in my PDA and didn’t track stuff the same. And now that I’ve got a vehicle where the odometer works I can actually track my mileage and get reimbursed (since I’m doing a little more running around nowadays anyhow) I’m trying out a new mileage tracker too. All that means I’ve got to get everything up to speed. Put stuff in the computer (not just my head) so it can sync up with my PDA, get my software back on there, and other stuff you don’t care about. Now that it’s almost 5:30, I’m about done.

Why is it that getting or staying organized seems like so much work? I’m not an administrative person although I strive to get somewhat organized. The fact that my wife can clean up my desk but putting everything in a big box and she’s cleaning out and organizing MY clothes in our closet probably doesn’t help me make my case. What can I say, I’m a pile person. I usually know which pile and how far into it something is. That’s only difference bewtween me and a “real” organized person is one letter. They “F”ile and I “P”ile. But I’m still trying.


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