Opinions and Theology (part 1)

Since the beginning of time people have argued and debated everything from what’s been said to what was meant or what people believed.  Throw God into the mix, and people start asking “did God really say that?” or “what does that really mean?” or we ask each other, “Why do you believe that?”  In an attempt to explain various positions, understandings and beliefs related to God, people studied God’s (theos) word (logos).  In other words, people turned to theology.  In general terms, theology is the study of God.  Practically, theology is the study of the beliefs and practices of religious faith, most often Christian faith.

Here’s my disclaimer, I do not think that theology and doctrine are unimportant or secondary.

With that being said, I also do not think that every argument, opinion or idea needs a bible verse attached to it for it to be valid.

To sum it up (at least for today) here’s where I function….My theology helps FORM my opinions, but my theology is not the only FOCUS of my opinions.

Let me give you an example.  There are tons of television shows, movies and music available to people today.  Personal preference is a huge determiner of what people like or don’t like, there’s no question about that.  But my theology also plays a role in what I allow myself to like or not like – it FORMS  and INFORMS my opinions.  I might say I like “The Office” or “The Princess Bride” or “Brad Paisley” and I didn’t mention anything about God.  Does that mean my understanding of love and grace and Jesus didn’t inform my decision?  No, it just means it’s not the FOCUS.

So when it comes to “hot button” political issues like gay marriage, illegal immigration, abortion or any number of things, just because my opinion doesn’t cite chapter and verse, does not mean it hasn’t been informed by those same unspoken chapters and verses.

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