One Of Those Days

I Hate It When That Happens
Today, Lora was helping out one of our friends and church members. She had a tough draw – go to Raleigh as a ‘model’ so this girl could take her state skin care exam. That meant my wife got a free facial and I got the kids. Now normally, I have a great time with my kids, but today was another story. I think half of it was me and the other half them, but either way, we annoyed each other….A LOT. Let’s just leave it at that before I get annoyed again. She finally got home and I was in such a sourpuss mood that I practically begged her to take the kids and go to the grocery store. She took two and left me with the other two. They look so different when they’re sleeping…so harmless….so perfect.

Sunday Morning
It was already after 10AM yesterday and I was beginning to think that we’d hit a new low for attendance because it was raining, no pouring rain, outside. We were down a few regulars in the band and so I was playing this week and I was pleasantly suprised to look out and notice that we had a pretty good crowd. In fact, we had just under 110 yesterday and they all came out in thepouring rain. We met them at their cars of course with umbrellas, but what a gross day to get up to. The reward was sweet though….a beautiful sunny afternoon.

We got the boys all dressed up and had Sarah and Lora get pretty and then drove to New Bern to take some pictures. We got there and I realized I’d exchanged my camera for my phone so we didn’t have the camera. Kinda hard to take pictures without it. Good thing we were at my parents though, so I borrowed their camera and took some nice photos of my wife and all the kids down by the water. We made dinner and dessert for my wife (and mom) and had a nice time fishing too. All in all it was a good Mother’s Day

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