One Of Those Days

Ever have one of “those days”? You know, the kind where it’s not any one thing in particular that throws it off, but a constant flow of one more thing. Since getting the truck (Whoo HOO!) that last couple days were like that. Try to get stuff done and get interrupted every time I start. First it’s a phone call, then it’s a baby crying because she needs a nap, then it’s someone shouting they need me, then Hannah spits up all over me, then people can’t find something, then it’s an email I wasn’t prepared to respond to, then the baby’s crying because she’s done with her nap early, then somebody’s lost and needs directions, then it’s time for Tyler’s football game, but nobody has eaten, then nobody is even at the field even though the time and location match the schedule, then Hannah pukes on me again, then it’s my birthday but people are ticked at me because they feel I’m making selfish and stupid decisions, then I go golfing. Yep, it was just one long one of those days.

Let’s hope today is better. Go Irish – I hope they put up 60 points on UCLA. It’d make me feel better. I’ve still got to close down the pool (never done that before), finish stuff for Sunday’s service (Chandler and my birthday along with relatives from out of state and missing Claude and Sheila and other key help for Sunday doesn’t really help). But on the plus side, I’ve got a new truck I don’t deserve, my wife understands and is encouraging, and God knows my struggles and wants to change me to be more like Christ through them. I’ll take that.


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