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So I’ve been trying to find another church in the area willing to lend us some of their tables for a few hours on Sunday morning. It’s cheaper than buying them or even renting them, and I figured since we’re all on the same team, if they weren’t already going to be using them, it wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong I was.

I heard a lot of “I don’t think we do that” and similar stuff, but my favorite was the “we voted on it and have a policy not to lend outside the church.” Considering that I’m going to be speaking on Acts 4:32-34 this Sunday I just had to laugh at the absolute irony.

The policy (I’m told) was made because of a bad experience with another ministry. I can understand not lending to them, in fact, seek restitution if your stuff was damaged, but lumping everyone together and cutting them off, well, it’s the same thing non-believers often do to Christians. They lump us together and call us narrow-minded bigots because of a few bad apples.

Oh well, I’ve ranted enough. It’s just one more reason that Discovery needs to be different. We recognize that we’re on the same team with other churches. We’ve loaned out equipment and people to help them accomplish their mission. We pray for them. We don’t make policies to exclude them and for the most part we don’t even “think” of not helping them. We just do what we can whenever we see a need. Shouldn’t we all?

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