Odd But Healthy

It’s been a somewhat odd week.  Been processing some interesting news since Sunday, working on how it will effect Discovery and what I need to do.  To say I’ve been preoccupied is probably an understatement.  I can say I’m feeling better about things at this point in the week than I was earlier. 

Came at a good time though….on Sunday, Dusty Martin is speaking again.  I really like it when he speaks at Discover and I know a lot of other people do too.  I think it’s great that we have a church with our fair share of gifted and capable communicators.  I’ve been thinking about that and I think that might be one of our strengths.  From what I remember, we’ve had at least half a dozen different people speak and only 3 of them were ever part of staff.  Dusty was, and I’m so glad that him stepping down from staff didn’t sour his relationship with Discovery.  I know it actually strengthened ours, and like I’ve said, we’ve been blessed to have him.

Then next week Frank Lodeserto will be speaking.  Frank is a doctor at Pitt County Memorial Hospital and a PARTner here at Discovery.  Come to find out, when he was in medical school in Grenada, he helped start a church there – and grew it to about 200 people (all while in med school)!  I’m excited to hear him speak too!  We’ve definitely been blessed.

I think that’s a sign of health.  Anytime you have people who can step up and do your job (and even do it better) you’ve created a healthy environment.  I love that about Discovery.

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