Not What I Needed

Our family of 7 used to have an extra freezer. It allowed my amazing wife to cook in bulk and store stuff for later (quicker) use and had us always prepared for the ever-present additional guests. Well, months ago it pooped out and we hadn’t done anything to replace it. Until now.

My parents graciously offered to front us a little Christmas gift so we could get a freezer before Thanksgiving (since we’re hosting my parents, my bro and his family, and who knows who else). Anyhow, freezer came yesterday and when I open up our nice little storage room on the side of the house to move it in, I notice there is water all over the floor. Odd, except for the fact that our water heater is in there.

Long story short, I discovered I have a 16 year old leaking water heater and need to replace it ASAP. So I have a choice to make. Do we spend more and install a on-demand tankless water heater or just go with the conventional tank (but spend more in energy in the long run having to keep the tank heated)? Arrgghhh, this is not what I needed today.

And somethings up with Lora and me and I don’t like that either. Haven’t gotten to the bottom of it, but I’m guessing I’ve probably messed up somewhere and don’t even realize it. Don’t need that right now either. I hate it when we have an argument (thank God it doesn’t happen often or last long)

I could use your prayers (and for those living around here, if I don’t get this water stuff solved soon, I may need to use your shower!)


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