No Such Thing As Too Small

I have this strange thing where I take great pleasure in weird news (as well as reading about idiots) and occasionally I’m inspired. Like I was with this story of a little guy that has some big muscles.

Turns out that even though he might appear small, he’s having a big impact in his country and now even over seas. It’s a little like churches and Christians. A lot of people hear about and know about the big names – Willow Creek, Saddleback, Fellowship, etc, or Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, etc. but they aren’t the only ones that are making an impact. There are plenty of churches of under 100 people that are impacting their communities in amazing ways, and untold thousands of Jesus loving Christians doing the same thing all over the world – impacting people.

So no matter how small you might feel (or even look) know that you can make a difference right now and right where you’re at because when it comes to churches, there’s no such thing as too small.


  1. Jason Ebeling February 14, 2008
  2. Randy Man February 14, 2008

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