No Baby Yet

Waiting for a baby to come is really something that is enjoyable and excruciating at the same time. It’s enjoyable because of all the anticipation and excitement that surrounds the questions you wonder about “what will they look like?” “how will the rest of the family react?” and “how big will they be?“. Not knowing what we’re having only adds to that excitement. But it’s those same questions that make it an excruciating experience – even before the labor and delivery. You wonder if they’re ok, will they be healthy, how will the delivery go and will everything be alright? It’s already hard to sleep and when you can’t shut your brain off, it only adds to your restlessness.

So, no baby yet. He/She is due on July 4th – and like I say, “Something’s going to POP!” Until then, there’s really no rest for the weary. Must be preparation for when the baby actually arrives.

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