No Baby (yet)

In just a few hours, we go to the hospital so that Lora can get checked in, get some medicine to “loosen things up” and then try to sleep at the hospital (sure, right) until tomorrow when she’s scheduled to be induced. We’re ready to see this baby….still don’t know what it is.

My Day
So what did I do with my “last” day? I worked on the pool. Brent and Dusty came and helped me get the liner in and we’re filling it up. Looks good. Smells new. Goes really slow when you have to use just a couple regular garden hoses. Here’s a picture…don’t know what the wrinkles are, but hopefully they’ll work themselves out (with a little help) as it fills up.

Keep Checking
Be sure to check out the blog often tomorrow since I can post here from Lora’s cell phone (not from mine though so no pictures right away). Lora has Sprint and I have Alltel. Why I can’t post from an Alltel phone I don’t know…kinda frustrating. Oh well…keep checking and I’ll at least post what sex, size, time and all that. Be prayin for us.

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