More Left To Do

We’ve been going at this “church thing” for over two years now.  When I moved here, I knew nobody and had no idea how to start a church, run a church or a even pastor a church.  I’ve made so many mistakes, disappointed myself and others, learned a lot, had a few successes, and been generally overwhelmed by the whole deal.  

This past weekend I was out of town and so was Randy, our worship pastor.  But do you know what?  Nobody really cared.  I’m not saying people don’t care about me or Randy, I’m just saying that people don’t come for me or Randy and that’s a great thing.  In fact, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sunday.  Dusty did a great job with the message and Marcus and the band were phenomenal.  Thanks guys.

I’m feeling really unsettled lately.  Like there’s a lot of changes that need to be made, but I don’t know which one needs to be made first, how to do it best, or even when.  Even though Discovery is started and running, I almost feel like I’m back to square one – with more questions than answers and uncertainty then clarity, having to search out and depend on God for direction and guidance.  Not a bad place at all, but still uncomfortable for me.

The one thing I’m becoming more clear on though is that this town needs Jesus.  There are too many people who don’t know Him, don’t care about Him, or don’t understand how much He loves them.  We have so much more work to do and I’m convinced that things are going to get harder in the days aheadIF we’re willing to do what He’s called us to do, and that’s make disciples.

We can’t settle for what is, we need to work for what will be.  I’m praying that there’ll be others who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  It’s not about us, it’s not even about “them” – it’s all about Him.  So, take every opportunity to steer your conversations and activities towards Him.  Anyone with me?  Start praying then.


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