Monday on Tuesday

Aren’t Mondays usually supposed to be the proverbial “bad day” of the week? I guess it started yesterday, but I enjoyed that day with my family at the beach. Hope others had a good Memorial Day too.

I’m gonna make this short, ’cause I’m already in a funk. Our Family Pastor (Claude) has a paying job outside of Discovery and occasionally requires his travel back to FL. He manages an assembly company that does about 60 Home Depot stores in the Tampa market. Holidays are always tense, and Memorial Day was no exception. Claude left Sunday night and sent me a text saying he’d probably need to be there 3 weeks!!! Hard to get angry when that job pays his bills, but totally wasn’t part of our plans for the next few weeks. Good news is he won’t be there 3 weeks continuously, just flying down each week through the 4th of July. Bad news is there are some serious issues and the company may lose their contract. Pray that doesn’t happen.

After I got his text I got a call. Long story short – we do a video for each person who we baptize (next baptism is on Sunday!) and “we” taped over 7 interviews on Sunday! Gotta reshoot and still edit the stuff. Not cool. Not happy.

But enough grumbling. I’m gonna do what I talked about David doing this past Sunday. I’m gonna “find strength in the Lord [my] God“. After all, everything that happens now is PREPARATION for what’s going to happen later and I need to live my life ON TARGET even when it seems like I AM A TARGET.


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