Miss My Wife

First off, let me say thanks to our troops. I don’t know how these guys can handle it when they’re away from their wives and families for months at a time. I can’t hardly handle the few days Lora’s gone – and no, it’s not because I need her to cook my dinner. It’s because I love her, want her near and wish she were here right now.

Talked to her a bit ago and she was heading out to their camp site so I won’t talk to her until late Sunday or early Monday. She was mentioning that she’s been at 6000 ft elevation and it’s really taking a toll on her – she feels tired way quicker and she hates that. I honestly don’t know what that feels like – haven’t hardly been west of the Mississippi before.

I gave her the condensed version of tomorrow’s message. Since we’re keeping the kids in their for this last one in our God on Film series, I asked Claude to help me make it a bit more “kid-friendly” I think we’ve succeeded. Should be fun tomorrow and a little bit convicting too.

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