Middle Age

Last night we had our first (and only) flag football scrimmage before the season starts. It was horrible. We might have 15 guys on a roster, but we only had 4 there! That’s right, everybody else was otherwise committed. That meant we had to borrow a few other guys from the other two teams that played before us just to fill our roster. It also meant that, with pretty much no idea on what plays we wanted to run on offense, we got slaughtered. OK 28-0 wasn’t too bad considering, but nobody likes to lose.

I did learn one thing. I’m now a middle-aged man. I had thoughts of that earlier when I realized I was 35, but about 10 minutes into it, my fears were confirmed. I had muscle knots in my thighs that were bigger than my fist. They still hurt this morning when I woke up and even now if I flex them to move I can feel the pain. Yep, I’m middle-aged. Not only that, I noticed way more hair growing in my ears and out of my nose than I ever thought possible. So much I could harvest it. Talk about nasty. And finally, Lora tells me that when she trims up the back of my hair, she also practically shaves my whole back. Middle-aged Sasquatch has arrived!

The good news is Discovery isn’t middle-aged. We’re still new, fresh, full of energy and motivated to change this area. We don’t have any tell-tale signs of getting older (like hair growing out our ears = old, never changing music and messages). We’re in shape. And this weekend (about 24 hours from now) we’ll see what happens when loads of people show up for a party at the pastor’s house. Hope I can walk by then.


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