Little Puzzle?

I’ve been thinking a bunch lately and we were talking today in our staff meeting (or staph infection as Claude likes to call it) about how we’re not exactly where I’d like to be or thought we’d be when it comes to planting this church. I envisioned more people and faster growth (like at least twice where we’re at now) but I’m beginning to accept that it’s just the stage we’re at. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not satisfied and will continue to work hard, but I think I “get it” a little better. I was thinking that this church is a little like a puzzle. Unfortunately, I was expecting to start off with a big ol’ 1,000 piece puzzle, but right now we’re working on what seems like a 24 piece Seasame Street puzzle. But I’m ok with that because I’m hearing about the life-change and transformation that’s happening here….like two different couples who attended a marriage conference this weekend and one guy is now ready to love his wife even better and to start praying with her outloud to help build real intimacy. Another guy who went with his fiance’ is ready to move out and live independently (after living together for over a year) so they can honor God and prepare themselves for a successful marriage even though it’s still almost a year away. Oh, and less than two months ago, this guy became a follower of Jesus. That’s life-change….so what if there’s only 24 pieces right now.


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