Let’s Get The Opinions Out of the Way


Anyone who knows me knows I don’t mind sharing my opinion, even if it’s different from yours.  The reason why I don’t mind is that I usually have put some time, thought, research and often prayer into forming that opinion.  But in today’s world, that doesn’t seem to matter.  The only thing that seems to matter to many people is that you agree with their particular opinion.  And in today’s world, if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion, you earn a bright shiny award known as a “label” – Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Pro-choice, Pro-life, Homophobic, Progressive, Islamaphobe, Fundamentalist, Wacko, Sheeple, Racist, Bigot, Hateful, Blind, Libtard, RepubliCANT, Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic, Reformed, Heretic, Unbeliever, Agnostic, Atheist, 99%, 1%, etc, etc, etc.

Rather than simply applying labels and walking away, I’d like to encourage engagement and dialogue.  I understand that’s an extremely tall task and perhaps naive of me to think that can actually happen on a blog, where people can hide behind their keyboards and tear people down without offering anything that resembles thoughtful reasoned arguments and ideas.  But hey, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.  Why?

I have two reasons.  First, I appreciate honesty.  I believe it’s better to share your opinion and be forced to explain it and defend it than it is to stay silent or pretend you don’t have an opinion.  I believe it’s weak and unwise to hold opinions and beliefs that you’re unwilling to state publicly.  Now there’s an admirable way and a poor way to communicate your opinion, and I’ll be the first to admit I won’t always find myself on the admirable side, but I will strive to approach this experiment with “gentleness and respect” [1 Pet 3:15]

The second reason I want to do this is I enjoy learning.  I don’t get all bent out of shape when I realize “hmmmm, I haven’t ever thought of it like that before.”  Instead, I’m forced to consider ideas and perspectives that challenge me.  Sometimes it even causes me to…wait for it….change my opinion!  And sometimes other perspectives only serve to strengthen and reinforce my opinions.

Ok, there’s actually a third reason if I’m being honest (and since I appreciate honesty I figured I’d better come clean).  I like to be “right.”  Put another way, I don’t like to be wrong.  I’m sure nobody else can relate to that.  Here’s what I mean by “right.”  I want my opinions to line up with a world view that is informed by my belief in Jesus and the trustworthiness of His Word.  In other words, I want my opinion to agree with God the Father more than I want others to agree with my opinion.  Why? Because I believe nothing in all creation is more “right” than the Righteous One and I want to be like Him. [1 John 2:1-6]

So here’s the plan.  I’ll go first and as I re-start my blog here, I’ll lay out my opinion on any number of things (that some will probably consider controversial).  I’ll share some of my biblical opinions, political opinions, opinions on social issues and even current events.  Feel free to agree or disagree.  Ask other people who you KNOW would disagree to weigh in.  Let’s see how this experiment goes.

Is there any particular topic you’d like me to start with?

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