Let The Healing Begin

Things have been rough the pat few weeks, it’s been a little tense around the house and apparently people have noticed (which is fine, I wasn’t exactly trying to hide the struggles). Well, today my daughter Hannah decided to do something to help with the healing. While she was having some “room time” she apparently came across a naked Barbie. Upon closer inspection (or maybe through her budding womanly intution) she determined that Barbie was hurting. Hannah decided to take action and she found some ‘healing salve’ to apply to Barbie’s bottom – as you can see.

I have to say it brought some needed comic relief into my day and when I just got home and saw the pictures, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Then I asked myself, “Self, what lesson can you take away from this?” My answer – even when things seem to have hit “bottom,” help and healing may come from the people you’d least expect. It may be messy, butt if anyone does something it’s better than everyone doing nothing. Agreed?


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