Leadership Tests

Went to a assembly of other innovative church people and listended to Bill Hybels speak about some leadership tests. This was a little while ago, but figured I’d type it up for my future reference. He looked at Luke 5 where Jesus got in Peter’s boat, preached, told him how to fish and then invited him to fish for men. Basically, these were the tests…

1) Does the potential leader have a bias toward action? In other words, will they figure out what’s missing or not working and then do something to fix it without having to be directed or do they wait for specificly defined directives. (v. 3)
2) Can the potential leader follow directions? In other words, when it comes down to it, if a decision is made that they disagree with, will they support it and act on it – like Peter when Jesus said to go out and fish in the deep water. They should be like Peter and say…”Because you said so, I will” (v. 4)
3) Do they really care whether or not they get the credit? Are they willing to share credit with the team and give credit to God both publically and privately? (v. 8)
4) Do they understand and are they willing to commit to the “grander vision” and the “big picture” or are they content with the status quo? Basically, like Hybels put it, do they want to fish for men or are they content catching perch the rest of their lives? (v. 10)
5) Will potential leaders leave what they know, understand and are even successful at in order to go after the big picture? Are they willing to sacrifice something (time, finances, job, reputation, etc) – like Peter who left behind his entire fishing business, boats, nets and all. (v. 11)

I only wish I would have known to ask some of these questions earlier. I can guarantee that some people I put time, energy and trust in would not have been put in that position. It would have saved me a ton of pain and frustration and maybe them too. Leadership is too important to allow anyone to have it. That’s why I believe that leadership is a process and a privilege. Now, if God will just send some level 5 leaders this way….

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