Kids Say Some Funny Stuff

Just a few comments that came out of the mouth of various Ebeling kids over the past few days:

On a walk, one of the kids was pushing Hannah (our youngest) in the stroller.  They were having a good time with her, running and driving crazy.  Slight problem – the curb stops forward motion and when that happens, strollers tip.  This stroller was no exception so it wiped with Hannah in it.  She screamed bloody murder but she escaped pretty much unscathed.  So later, when she sees the “offending” sibling she looks right at them and says, “Never do dat again!”

Lora and I were kissing in the kitchen in front of the kids the other day.  Really, we gave each other a peck and were just hugging.  Anyhow, one of the kids saw us and yelled from across the room to anyone who would listen, “If they keep doing that they’re going to have a sixth kid!”

One of our friends who was visiting lost some sunglasses out in the woods.  He offered a reward if one of the kids found them and one did.  But when they found out that he had shot a gun and didn’t let them come or shoot it too they started threatening saying, “When he comes back we’re going to tie him to a tree and when we get paintball guns (which they don’t even have yet) we’re going to shoot him from this close (about 8 inches)”

Hannah came home from Lora taking the boys to wrestling and said, “I went to wrestling.  And I ate ice cream.  And it’s GOOD!”

It was 2 in the morning and the dog woke me up so I let her out to do her business and was sitting there looking out the door in the dark in my underwear.  For some reason Tyler woke up and saw me and asks, “What are you doing up?”  Hmmmm.


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