Just Pick Me Up

I just had a moment where I think I caught a glimpse of the joy God feels when we call on him.

I walked into a room where Hannah was and all she did was throw her hands up in the air towards me, whine a little and come running to me.

When is the last time you acted that way with God? Just threw your hands up let out some noise and ran towards God? I know I’ve felt like Hannah sometimes – like I wanted to give up and whimper. So why don’t I run to God like Hannah ran to me? All she wanted was for me to pick her up and hold her, and I couldn’t wait to bend down and pick her up.

I really can’t describe how it made me feel when she did that. I wanted to hold her, love her, give her everything she ever wanted, comfort her and just enjoy the fact she wanted ME. It made me feel good and important and wanted.

I’m thinking that’s how God feels when we run to him. He can’t wait for us to come to him – whether we’re smiling and happy or whining and sad, or crabby and crying. He wants us to just run to him. That’s when he knows that we actually want him. Thanks for reminding me about God Hannah.

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