Junk I Hate

ARRGGH. Here’s what I hate. Microsoft. Specifically at this moment…internet explorer. Allowed the stupid thing to update and change over to IE7 and have had nothing but problems so I took it off and went back to 6. Couldn’t log on here for even afterwards so it’s been like four days.

I also right now hate computers. Hate when they crash, bog down, lock up or flat out don’t work how they’re supposed to. Sure there’s a good part to them, but right now, I’m sick of them.

And I hate credit cards. Lora and I aren’t one to carry a balance, but we have a Discover card in our name that we use for Discovery Church stuff only (because the church still works with Global Reach Foundation and they take care of our administrative tasks and financial records) Anyhow, with the launch back in April, there were some things we needed and put on it. Since then there’ve been other high dollar items that we couldn’t get billed for and couldn’t wait for a check to go through the whole request process so it went on. We use it for online stuff too and GRF pays the bill. Well, I hate it because we’re still carrying a balance, it’s in MY name, and it’s still almost at the limit….there’s just not that much coming in with tithes and offerings to pay it down and keep investing in new ministry. I hate it.

I hate online order companies too. One in particular right now that we ordered ink for our church printer from them back the first of November. Got a call that day saying it would be 5-10 days would I still like to order. Said sure since it wasn’t urgent. Called back after two weeks and was told it be by Thanksgiving. Yep, didn’t show. Called today and just got a call back that it will be “around another 2 weeks…it’s a national backorder” I don’t care, just get me my ink or stop lying about when it will be here. Hate it.

Thinking is the last thing I hate at the moment. Been thinking about the end of the year series for almost a month and I am stuck….still. I’m speaking in two days, know where I’m speaking from, but don’t really know what I’m supposed to say. Know what I want to say, but don’t know if that’s what the Lord wants me to say. I hate not being prepared. I hate last minute stuff (but still find myself working there a lot of the time). And I hate it when I think and pray and work and have virtually nothing to show for it. Should make for an interesting Sunday.

I’m sure this all sounds good coming from the pastor too. No sense sugar-coating it though. That’s how it is and that’s where I’m at. I’ll get through it, but don’t like the process. In fact, right now I hate it.


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