I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m supposed to be a “jack-of-all trades” even if I don’t want to be. I’ve built things, planned things, organized things and used things I never thought I’d have anything to do with and here’s one more. We’ve been wanting to have the ability for people to give online for a while and we’re close to finally having it ready to go. I got approval yesterday and went to the site where everything gets set up and got lost in it. I think I’m pretty good with computers and the internet, but it just wasn’t an intuitive design or I was just done for the day and needed to quit.

I’m excited about having that option available. I think it will do a few things for us and the people that choose to use it once we go live. It will give us some stability and predictability with our finances. It will make record keeping a little easier and the potential of lost checks and deposits a bit smaller (at least in scale since we’ll still receive paper checks and cash and need to make deposits). It will allow people to automate their tithe so it can really be like their “first fruits.” And the company we’re with will allow us to register people for events as well (mission trips, marriage conferences, summer camp, etc) and pay for them online. I love that one since it means less people handing coordinators deposits in the middle of the Sunday morning rush.

Still, I’m no finance major, don’t want to even be handling the finances, but I’m trying to get the web interface set up so I can hand over the reigns and responsibility to someone other than myself. IN the mean time, I guess I’ll figure out something else I never thought I’d be learning.

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