I’ve Got to Get This Off My Chest

There are some things that I think are just stupid.  There’s no nice way to say it and when I encounter these people or events it makes me want to explode.  Now, I’ll admit on the front end that I may not have all the necessary information, but based on my limited knowledge of the following situations, I’ve just got to get this off my chest.

Stupid #1
Last week, Lora and I took Tyler and Tanner with us to Wal-mart to buy some paintballs so we could play in the back yard.  We went to the self-checkout place since we only had 3 items and I asked Tyler (12) to scan the paintballs while I grabbed the other stuff.  Apparently paintballs require some kind of verification/override and I’m fine with that.  What got me was the clerk who came over started ranting about how it’s illegal for Tyler to scan paintballs.  Huh?  Lora and I both told her we’re the parents and we’re paying for them.  Didn’t matter – still supposedly illegal.  She voided the paintballs and made me scan them.  Whew!  You can all sleep well now knowing that Wal-mart is keeping you safe!  Stupid.

Stupid #2
This whole deal with Miss California answering the question about gay marriage that Perez Hilton asked her during the Miss USA pageant (which Miss North Carolina who goes to ECU won by the way!)  Listen, the question was a “What do you think…?” kind of question, and she said what she thought.  Apparently she should not have answered the questions because all kinds of people have their proverbial panties in a wad because they didn’t like her answer.  Heck, Perez called her bad names on his blog and the California pageant officials didn’t even talk to her after she came in runner-up.  I can understand if she’d said something like “I really like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches better than bologna” and didn’t actually answer the question, but good golly, she answered the question.  So much for “tolerance” of different viewpoints and opinions.  Stupid

Stupid #3
I hesitate writing this because it’s a local news story, but 4 kids bust into a guy’s house, beat him up, force his girlfriend into another room and rob him while 2 more kids wait outside.  At some point the victim grabs a shotgun and shoots at the guys who robbed him (apparently as they’re leaving) and hits one who later dies.  The kid who got shot gets loaded in the car and his “buddies” literally roll him out the car door at the hospital and then drive the car they “borrowed” back to where they took it from and bail.  The guy who was being broken in on, beaten and robbed is now being charged with 2nd degree murder.  Look, I’m just saying, if you bust up in my house, beat me up, and start moving family members around and then think you’re gonna make a run for it – I don’t care if I know you even – if I see you and can fire off a shot – I’m gonna (so be warned).  What’s was he supposed to do, wave nicely and yell “See you later”?  And of course everybody involved is “a good kid.”  Yeah, sounds like it.  I wonder if the guy they were robbing found the warm chocolate chip cookies the crooks brought him?  Stupid.

I could go on, but those are the three I just needed to get off my chest so I can get back to work and stop thinking about stupid things that happen and stupid people.  Oh, and if you have a “stupid” story, I’d love for you to leave a comment and share it. 


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