I’ve Been Blessed!

It’s been a week or so because my internet filter service decided that blogger.com wasn’t safe and they blocked it. I kept forgetting to tell Lora and she finally added it to my OK to access list, so now I’m back on line…and just in time. Check this out.

Yes, that’s MY truck!!!! I almost can’t believe it myself. Short story. Lora’s parent’s had a neighbor who drove this for work, his work got him a new truck and GAVE him this one (with 246,000 miles on it) So, we got a real good deal on it and Lora’s Mom and grandparents just drove it up from FL….all I can say is WOW, I’VE GOT A TRUCK (and don’t need to drive in the leaky, stinky Saturn)

Since last time, Tanner got his hair cut (by his mother not me) and now he’s got a mowhawk. I think it looks great.

Figured it had been a while sine I put up a picture of my girls, so here’s one. Hannah is now 3 months old and Sarah loves her to death.

And finally, A friend from Florida is up here visiting hoping to land a job so he can move with his family up here and help with Discovery Church. He’s a real practical joker and true to form, found out where Randy and Laci Strickland live and while they were in Florida at a wedding, he bribed their house sitter and ‘painted’ their precious dog “Princess” pink. Here’s a picture of the pink Princess puppy. Unfortunately, I’m now on Randy’s “hit list” so I’m sure since I knew about it I’ll be paid back. Oh well…

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