It’s More Than OK to Engage Culture



All too often, I hear from well-meaning people, that engaging in discussions on social media platforms is anything from a bad idea or a waste of time to dangerous or even sinful.  I’m not saying there aren’t pitfalls that need to be avoided or even that I’ve never fallen into some of them.  What I am saying is that even if we mess up in this realm of cultural engagement, there’s still grace for us.  After all, in this particular case, failure isn’t fatal.

So on occasion, because I don’t mind having my views and opinions challenged, I’ll set out to explore what’s being said and attempt to engage.  I’ve done that poorly, made some mistakes and maybe even some enemies, but I’ve also done it well, had some great conversations, met some interesting people, gained an appreciation for what “the other side” thinks, and made some friends who are quite different from me.

Now, of course I’d prefer to have face-to-face conversations (and I do) but engaging in the public square allows me to have conversations with people spread all around the world.   Why am I sharing this….so that you might see 1) social media discussions aren’t bad or even unproductive and 2) we don’t have to be afraid of engaging the culture and the people around us.

To provide some context, I’m convinced that abortion is a modern day holocaust and that there are three types of people: 1) those that support it; 2) those who don’t understand it; and 3) those who are working to end it.  These aren’t hard and fast categories as there’s some bleed over sometimes, but they at least work for making gross generalizations.  Anyhow, as one who lives in category 3, I can’t silently keep my opinions, beliefs, thoughts and reasons about why abortion is a horrible practice to myself.  That would be wrong just like keeping my thoughts about Jesus being our hope for life and freedom to myself would be wrong.  So I risk people’s negative reactions when I question their beliefs – either beliefs in support of death outright, or belief in support of “choice” that someone should be able to kill another person.  What follows is one time where I think it turned out well.  But I’ll let you decide… what do you think?


You don’t have to agree to be agreeable however, you must be civil.





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