It’s Getting Crazy

Somebody help me!!!

Only a week to go until we move and hold Easter services with what I hope will be a bunch of first time guests. The good news is that Claude is back. The not so good news is that there’s still a lot left to do to get things ready. Most of it is decor and layout design along with building some stuff so we can convert the Boys and Girls Club into a church. We’ll get it all done I’m sure.
Was very impressed with the quick work of Group Imaging this week. They’re the people who print all our signs and they do a great job. We had to replace the road banners because of graffiti and they’re here already. I’d highly recommend them.
I’m also excited about the book we’re giving away to everybody who comes on Easter. It’s a short little book that’s about 100 pages (so Claude can read it) and is an easy read. It ties in great with the new series we’re kicking off and with Easter too. It’s called “How Good Is Good Enough?” and EVERYONE who attends this Easter will get a copy so let’s hope there’s a lot of people. Invite your friends and family and we’ll see you on Easter.

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