It’s Christmas Time!

Since we won’t be home the day after Thanksgiving (which is when we traditionally decorate for Christmas) we decided that today was the best day to deck out the Ebeling house. This morning we pulled out all the stuff from the attic and went at it. The inside is pretty good to go (tree is up, cookie jars are out, other “stuff” is where it goes) and the outside may or may not get done before we leave. Haven’t done this house before so it may take me a little longer this year. I love this time though. The first Chrismas song to play in our house is always….It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. After the tree was up, I saw Sarah and Chandler lying under the tree with santa hats on. I about lost it – like cried. I told Lora that we just have a a few years left with these guys. I love ’em so much. And looking at them lying there…I miss the innocence. I almost can’t remember what it was like to wonder what I was going to play next or what toy I really wanted for Christmas or how they could make the Christmas lights twinkle. Thank God I’ve got kids to remind me. And thank the Lord…for Christ. I love Christmas.


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